Saturday, May 14, 2011

no more beef

I didn't lose today! WAH! :(

I have two thoughts about it...yesterday I had extra lean beef for dinner, which I have never done on hcg. I am wondering if that wasn't as good for the diet as chicken (or shrimp). The other thing is my friends have warned me, I am getting to those few days in the middle when the loss really slows any case, I am continuing to plug along. And i am going to appreciate how far I have come! It's crazy how if you allow yourself to feel negatively, it doesn't matter what the scale says, it's never low enough. I am really working on being content with my loss.

In other news, we have no plans this weekend(well, besides church on sunday) and i am really excited about that. It looks like the sun is going to shine again today and I am excited about that too. We spent almost all day yesterday (up til bedtime even) outside and it is therapeutic or something! I want to do something fun with the kids and Hubby outside today.

Anyhow, have a super duper weekend. I'll be back :)

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