Tuesday, May 24, 2011

close call

So today I was up exactly 2 pounds from my ending weight. That was totally a wake up call. I have to be careful. And yesterday I wasn't careful enough. I know I had too many carbs. ..for me.
So I think I may post what I eat, for the next three weeks. I don't want to get all obsessive, but I know that will keep me accountable which is good. Cuz I know I don't want to have to fast all day :)

On a different but healthy note, I am back at the gym this morning. I am just going to do some cardio, the elliptical for now. I don't want to overdo it since I haven't been working out these last few weeks.

What else is new? I washed lots of loads of laundry and have a few more to wash before sitting down to fold them all. (Note to self, next time I feel like ignoring it, just remember it will all still be there for me later. I don't have a maid ;( And there is no laundry fairy or anything like that :) :)

I am so happy the sun is shining. And that's all for now!
Happy day

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