Wednesday, May 25, 2011

an update

Today has gone fine so far. I am feeling more tired now so am losing my motivation to stay busy with housework (nope still didn't fold that laundry :) And now feel the hunger and wish I could eat (partly just cuz I don't want to work) (yes, I have issues ) :)
Anyhow, Ruth Anne asked how many pounds total I lost on hcg, the answer is 15. :) Two of those pounds though were gained during the initial 2 loading days.
I will post some pictures once I have some...but it is rare nowadays that there is another adult around long enough to get that accomplished :) Hubby's work is super busy.
K, I will have to go fold laundry I suppose (I should probably post before and after pics of the pile, so you can see my progress on that :)

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  1. Hey you probably ahve a self timer on your camera...I use mine:)