Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi there,

I am alive! (I were worried, cuz I always post so regularly!) :)

Anyhow, we are well. DH was in Arizona for a business trip all week so I have been real busy with kids, etc. (Like normal, hmm..I don't really have a better reason for not updating though)

In any case, nothing is really so new around here. I just spend my mornings with my 2 little girls. Super nice to have a little time with just them. And after we pick up Ky from kindergarten I get them lunch then do some chores and we have a quiet time. Then play some more and then we are off to get Brooklyn. Then it's snack time, homework, then bath time, then the kids have their favorite show while I get dinner, then dinner time, then time to get ready for bed and storytime and sometimes a movietime and then bedtime for kids, then the "real" quiet time begins! :) :)
(Yeah, that was a MAJOR runon sentence!) :)Anyhow....

Macy is quite the "toddler" now. Learning lots of new things, we are really enjoying her. (even when she hits the spoon full of pears on the floor or all over me :) :) She's a bundle of love. ;)

Mia seems to be settling in as a big sister (a year later, it seems she is no longer jealous that she has a baby sister) Thank the Lord! I was wondering if that day would ever come! :) She is really a fun, sweet little girls most days, nowadays!

Ky is doing super good in school so he earned himself a remote control car. (we had a program where every day he was good, his teacher gave me a thumbs up on the way out and he got a star for that and once he had his chart of 30 stars marked off he got a new remote control toy ;)

Brooklyn is my super A student. . she is constantly coming home with awards. She's nonchalant but so proud to be learning! :)

I have been having some get togethers with friends this week. It is super nice for me. I am such a social person that when I don't do that, I tend to feel real lonely (i know, I am never alone, but I miss BIG people) :) Ruth Anne came to visit on monday and I have gotten together with other moms the other days and today a friend came for lunch on her lunch break (oh and an uncle stopped by too :) LOVE it...and speaking of the lunch, I still have dishes to do from that, so I should go now and clean up before I go get Brooklyn!

Lastly, but best of all ...DH is back from his trip and going to make it home for dinner today! ! ! :) LOVE <3

Happy (almost) friday!

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