Monday, October 17, 2011

What I am loving lately

1. Enjoying family outings with hubby and kiddos on saturdays (last weekend, it was the to come.)

2. Chai tea (LOVE IT! :)

3. Projects (today it was "that" HUGE pile (it filled up 6 clothes baskets) of kids clothes in my room of clothes the kiddos had outgrown)

4. Shopping (I had 100 dollars to spend at turned into 130 :) but anyhow! ;) I had money from hubby to spend on new clothes for my birthday. I keep buying stuff and deciding it's not perfect so returning it and spending it on different outfits, eventually I am sure I will settle on some certain clothes but for now.. it's been fun to return and buy different stuff :) :)

5. and lastly...its fun to type alone when your words make sense, but Macy keeps crawling up and changing what I typed so I keep erasing and retyping so I am gonna go play with her instead of forcing my way :)

Happy Monday


  1. What a lovely family you have! I, too, had four children up until six weeks ago. Now I have five! =)

    I love how you keeping "spending" your money at Ross! LOL! And I do hope you find those perfect outfits one day. (That's the great thing about Ross -- you can buy more than one complete outfit with $100!) Have fun!

  2. ha ha hillarious the kick you get out of returning the clothes and buying other ones:):)sounds liek fun!