Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The picnic

Hi! :)
Oh, our 4th celebrations were SO nice. How about you?
We got there about 3 and mingled for a while after I laid Macy down for a nap and then we swam. The Kids LOVED that and I got to enjoy the sun and friends company. :)
Then came the food. Oh my! Everyone brought something to share, so I ended up having more than I had planned on (and was honestly a bit worried about my weighin this morning, but surprisingly I was only up .2 from my ending weight. :) SO nice, it seems like my body is settling at 155. So I am happy about that.) Anyhow, then we had a short service and some performances, from the choir and band, etc. And then a cake raffle. Then they had an obstacle course type game for the kids, which they LOVED and then a kid movie and fireworks (Mia was VERY afraid, so we watched from a window ;) but it was still fun :)
Anyhow, so that was our 4th. Hope yours was fun too.
Have a super day today


  1. Our 1st of July was fun and nice as well. We were at the Lee's with a lot of the Lee clan there;) We had a bbq and sat and talked. Thanks for all the updates!

  2. Hey jen,
    I saw you at a distance at the picnic and wanted to say hello and good job!! You are looking great! Sometimes I eat more than I expect to and only gain alittle as well. But you did go swimming and that is great exercise! Keep up the good work!