Friday, September 30, 2011

My birthday


Happy Weekend! It's been a good week... am glad. :)

I had a wonderful birthday, thanks :)
I spent the morning (grocery) shopping with my mom :) And the kids were actually real sweet all (well, mostly:) all day. At dinner time, martin actually made it home to eat with us :) Then we had a little party with the kids. They got me a new grocery tablet for the fridge, my favorite hersheys cookies and cream bar and a starbucks gift card all picked out by (hmmm?) ME :) That's being a mom sometimes. Hubby felt so bad, but he just did NOT have time :) (he got a new position at work, and at month end it's crazy getting inventory counts done.

Anyhow, then at 730 I headed over to my friend maryanne's house where my hubby had invited a bunch of my friends, we just talked a lot, ate good snacks, drank wine and they were super generous, I got a bunch of gift cards, to target, starbucks, java crew. They all took turns giving gifts and saying nice things about me. It was so sweet...Made me feel so loved! :)

Otherwise, all is well. I still haven't made it to the gym...I am waiting for macys cold to get better. But I feel happy and content. It's nice to actually "feel" that way sometimes!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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