Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving on


So, I made an executive decision to be done with hcg. Yesterday as I was sitting there thinking (barely able to fold laundry, I was so weak) I thought...why am i doing this..I am actually in a happy place right now...Why am I messing with that?

I've felt like my life was so out of my control for so long now...but recently (as I mentioned in a previous post) I am finally starting to feel like, if I really devote all my attention to my job all day long, I can actually manage it...and sometimes, kind of like it. :) I don't mean to sound depressing or anything, that's just the truth.

I've had lots of good days in the past week, and that is a change for me. I want to like my life and there is no reason I need to be any, with that said....
I am moving on. :)

I plan to keep tabs on my weight, by making healthy food for us all and working out a few days a week, but i weigh 160(159.4) and that is ok with me. (And tereza yeah, Martin says I am hot ;) The other day (it was so sweet) ...(actually it was 5:45 am and I was barely awake standing at the kitchen sink making a bottle for sweet baby Macy) He actually said these words ;) "you look so good. No really. I just want to take the time to tell you I am so proud of you. You have four kids and look better than ever ;) (That means a lot to a person who's been struggling with their weight for 17 years,...has it really been that long? wow, I AM getting older.)

Speaking of birthday is next thursday. Yep, happy birthday to me! :) Tomorrow morning Hubby is taking me on a date. I am pretty excited about it. It's been WAY too long. And on my birthday, Hubby arranged a birthday party for me. I am excited about that too. :)

This morning I met Ruth Anne at the kids club so the kids could play and it was super nice we got to catch up too. :) Now, I need to go soon and do some chores. I am going to make banana bread for a after school snack and then I am going to put the laundry's been sitting in the living room for far too long.

Yes, I realize this post is totally and completely super random and I appreciate you sticking around and finishing reading...if you did.



  1. Random posts are best and I'm so so happy for you!!! Like a dream no? more need to diet because you look so awesome!!!!!

  2. Hey! I think it's awesome that you're "moving on". I actually picked up running because it keeps me out of the gym some...I can get real focused on my weight there for some reason...maybe cause of all those stinkin' scales :)! I've also been trying to focus on how my clothes are fitting instead of the number I see on the scale. It's hard, isn't it?

    I think you look fantastic! Don't waste anymore time feeling that tired, enjoy your days, He wants you to :)!