Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 15 of Round 2

This morning I was up .8 again, back to 157.4. :( :(
Overall, i have lost 9.8 pounds, so it IS totally worth it, but my goodness...Frustrating. That means in the last week, I am down 1.2 pounds total. UGH! But, i guess i probably wouldn't have even lost 1.2 if I hadn't done this diet, so even though it doesn't seem worth it this week, overall, I am thankful for the loss. 9.8 in 2 weeks is pretty good. (I am trying to encourage myself here! :) AND, my guess is I will be back down tomorrow (I hope)

In general, I am really struggling. I must be pmsing (I know TMI :) but I always struggle more with my eating then and I have been really struggling. That doesn't mean I am cheating, I am not really. (besides having a glass of wine instead of fruit) and an espresso with sugarfree flavoring) (but that didn't hinder my loss in the beginning of this round) But I REALLY just feel like eating everything in sight and I am so so close to just doing it, but I guess the fear of gaining in excess since I am still on the drops keeps me from doing so.

Anyhow, sorry this post is so depressing but I am just saying it like it is. :)
"only" 3 more days on the drops and then a few til the drops are out of my system. I have made it this far, I know I CAN do this.

In other news, this morning I packed up all the bikes (actually I had the kids put them in the van :) and we went out and played at the park ALL morning. It was wonderful. Just perfect weather and they got to use lots of the energy up. They were SO much better behaved this afternoon! I think we will probably do that MUCH more often.
Hope you are well. I should go get to my household chores, they don't get done otherwise and I plan to go to bed real early today.
Happy Monday

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