Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1 of Round 2

Hey there

I am just now getting around to posting, cuz Brooklyn's end of year program was this morning. I am so happy to be done with school for a bit...have a more "relaxed" summer schedule :) I can't believe my "baby" is done with Kindergarten already. This past year just flew by!

Anyhow, so this morning I was only up .2 more. So I gained 2.6 pounds while "loading"...making a total of 4.2 pounds over my ending weight on my last round which puts me at 22.2 pounds from my goal weight. Like I said in my post yesterday I don't expect this round to put me at my goal weight...I kind of suspect I will lose around 15 pounds total...putting me at about 7 or so pounds from my goal...we will see.

Today has gone well so far. I had black coffee in the morning and then was super busy and fine til 11. Then I was real hungry, had my 6 strawberries and then was fine. Now I am sipping on a sf vanilla americano I made myself, but my stomach is growling, so I think I will go have my chicken on lettuce for my lunch and Spray ranch dressing on it. :) I am excited about that, cuz last time I used fat free italian for 10 calories, but I like ranch better, and this has 10 calories in the spray on ranch dressing, so I am guessing that will be "ok". :)

I am gonna go for now but i hope you all are well.
Happy monday

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  1. Oh yes I second the summer schedule too! I'm so sick of waking up the kids early morning and packing lunches and the wrestling them into bed at night before they are truly tired!