Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday fess up

~The candy habit MUST stop ( I had 4, one very bad "under a crown" cavities today :(

~I am totally avoiding all housework and have been all evening and it is already 10 pm

~I just keep buying new little toys (play-doh, water guns, you name a cheap toy, I will buy it! :) in desperation for my kids to play happily at home :) (It's probably cheaper than gas now a days!)

~I honestly can't remember the last REAL meal I ate. OOPS! (don't judge, I AM starting a very strict diet soon here. :)

~I totally enjoyed getting out and buying groceries today. Yeah, I think I might have a problem! :) (But seriously isn't it fun to buy stuff? :) Or maybe that's just me)

~I may have "almost" enjoyed going to my dental cleaning today, it "forced" me to get to leave the house alone! :)

~I am totally enjoying reading lately

~I have gotten into a serious habit of washing and washing and piling laundry and one day or so, not more, a week sitting down and folding and sorting and putting it away, it is working well for me. :)

~I am TOTALLY aware that this week's fess up is straight up rambling and is a way for me to avoid my final closing up of the house and heading to bed alone (DH is at the graduation celebrations for another hour or so.)

~I am excited that it is almost friday


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  1. Oh I am avoiding housework too...glad I'm not the only one!!