Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 17 of Round 2

Hi, y'all.

So, this morning I was down .2, so that was nice. It's not much, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction again. So now my weight is 156.2. I am hoping I reach 155 by the end of this round, friday morning.

In other news, yesterday I had baby Macy's checkup and all looks great, which was really good to hear. For 2 reasons, the fact that she has had TONS of ear infections...but her ears looked perfect. And most importantly given her birth story (she had a lack of oxygen for some time in the beginning ...due to placental abruption, she was born with a super low heart beat and not breathing...She is our miracle baby!) Anyhow...
Otherwise we are up to the normal. . Just trying to keep the kids busy and happy. Today we had my sister and niece and nephew over to play for an hour (that would be Lynnette, who is babysitting mary anne's kids :) and then we went and picked up my sisters and brother and went out to the library and the park to play (my mom is doing a round of chemo this week, so I thought we could maybe keep her kids busy this week, as it fits ;)

Hmm..what else? Not much, I guess. I am looking forward to sunny weather when we can play out in the water and in pools, etc.

K, I better go before the kids movie ends and they need direction in what to do next! :)
Hope you are well.

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