Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 3 of round 2

Today i was down another 1.6, even better than what I hoped for...Its a brand new number for me and almost down to another decade of numbers! :) only 17.2 pounds away from my goal weight...As in the weight I have always dreamed of being and thought I would never ever get there! :)

Anyhow, I should go for now...Got a busy day ahead.
I have a friend coming with her girls to visit for an hour and then I am contemplating ....going to my little brother and sisters end of year bbq at 11. It sounds like it could be fun or be one of those of my gosh, I feel out of control of my kids, kind of events.. It IS outside so hopefully they would just eat free food and then play, but who knows.. These kids can surprise ya!

In other news, I feel it is time to post more pictures, so check in again!
have a good one


  1. Wow you are loosing fast my friend. Do we get to know the actual number on the scale or is that a secret?

  2. Yeah, c'mon, I was wondering the same thing - the secretiveness is killing me lol! J/K, I know this is a public blog and sometimes it's nice to keep SOME things private. =) Plus, the number is always different for everyone, that magic number they've always wanted to be.

    Anyway, I'm super excited that I finally figured out how to COMMENT again, yay, as I've been reading your posts every single day and wanted to comment but couldn't!

    You are doing SO awesome, I am totally living it through you. =) You're where I was like, last summer, totally on a roll and I reached and exceeded my goal weight.

    And, I agree, lol - while I do love Target and enjoy shopping there, the one-stop-shopping for groceries AND socks just really can't be beat, esp when you have a cartful of kiddos with you!