Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 9 of Round 2

Bad news today, I was UP, .2 :( And no, I didn't cheat..This was disappointing for me, but doesn't change anything. I will continue onward. I know there will be more "better" losing days for me. Last round I did have one gain of .2 and the next day, it was right back down. Plus, I am choosing to be positive and see my total as my achievement, not today's "loss or gain" and overall I have still lost 8.2 pounds in 8 days. ;)

In other news, yesterday was a real busy, but nice day. My mom came over in the morning and left my 12 and 10 year old sisters to watch my girls and our boys and us went and picked up a food box. They stayed til lunchtime and then we went and got a free lunch at the boys and girls club... for all the kids. Then she kept ky all day and my 14 year old sister came and stayed with my younger two girls while I took Brooklyn to the dentist. On the way we got a coffee for me and a friend who just had a baby. So we took that to her and visited for a few minutes, while the girls played. Then the dentist. Then we all went to my moms for dinner to celebrate fathers day, since that didn't work on the actual day. THEN, we went out for cleaning night at our church property :) It was a busy but really, a great day.

Today we are hanging out at home. Bathing all the little monkeys, doing some cleaning and relaxing, hopefully sitting in the sun :) Then later on, since our hubbies are both doing fundraising.. Ruth Anne invited us to come play. My kids will be SO excited! K, I should go get on the said cleaning, but I hope you are all well. ENJOY THE SUN! :)

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