Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 5 of round 2

HAPPY FRIDAY! :) I am so happy it is almost the weekend. This weekend our church has a youth retreat and I get to go for part of it! :) And in general, if it's the weekend we usually see more of daddy :)

The sun is shining today, already, which is just great for my spirits. Interesting how the day seems so much more hopeful, or something when it is bright and shiny outside! :) I am not sure what we will do today, but since dear baby is still sleeping, we could totally head out somewhere and enjoy this weather, since she will be all rested and happy for a few hours! :)

About my diet, this morning I was down .4. At first, part of me was tempted to be disappointed it wasn't more than that, but then I decided to look at the positive instead. So I pulled out my calendar from last round, that I marked with how much I had lost each day, etc. and guess what? I have actually lost more so far this round than last round. My total in 4 days last round was 5.6 pounds and this round it is 6.4 pounds, so I am going to appreciate how far I have come. I mean at one point in the last 6 years I weighed 78 pounds more than I do now (I was pregnant, but still ...only 9 pounds of that was baby!) :)

Well, I should probably go for now. But, happy friday to you! ;)


  1. Oh yes, relativity is IMPORTANT when you're tempted to be disappointed!! When I get like that (right now anyway) I pull out my old blogs and look up how much I'd gained by now during the other pregnancies...and I'm doing JUST fine. =)

    About only 9 pounds of that being baby, that is what I keep telling myself too! But don't forget the boobs, the blood volume...the water in the uterus, placenta, blah blah. That's crazy though - I will never forget seeing 202 on the scale right before I had Grace. And my normal weight is supposed to be 110! Yowza!

  2. I remember with my last baby I stepped on the scale right after I had her and I was 15 pounds lighter!!!!!!!!! Sherah is right:):)
    You're doing great! Enjoy the conf.