Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 12 and 13 of Round 2


So, I didn't end up doing an apple day on thursday, cuz after reading up on it, it seems like you should do it only if you haven't lost in 4 days. But, then yesterday I was up .4 more! :( WAH! and I was like who cares what the proper thing to do is? It's not like eating apples will probably make me gain. So, I did an apple day yesterday. And guess what? This morning I was down 1.2 more from yesterday! :) :) :)
So, my current weight is 157.4 :) :) (Happy dance) I am so glad it worked. I was started to think I was not going to get to lose more. So, that puts me at 12.4 from my goal weight.

I have been keeping busy lately. Dieting is easier that way! (plus my kids are happier that way :) So yesterday, mia had a dentist appointment, then I went grocery shopping, then we dropped off my sister (babysitter :) and said hi to my siblings. Then we visited a friend for a bit, and then my younger 3 took a good nap cuz last night we went out to our church property to "work" on the campsites (daddy worked and we played) :) And then had a big bonfire. It was really nice cuz the kids loved it ;) and we got to see our friends (even if we only got to talk briefly)
Today we are going out to meet up with friends at church for a kid pop can drive fundraiser. The kids are so excited!

I am considering doing another apple day today. I am not sure if you are supposed to do 2 in a row, but it was kind of a nice change. :)
Have a great day today

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