Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 14 of Round 2

Happy Sunday! A new day...a fresh start. :)

No, I didn't go off the diet. But WOW, yesterday evening was about as hard as it gets. . .We had a bbq and everything from doritos to leftovers from breakfast looked good. We bbq'd french fries and polish dogs and the kids had doritos and I am serious...I got SO close to just having some. But, then I thought, better to have some extra protein (I had already had my 6 apples, I did another apple day yesterday) than end up eating fries. So, I made some deviled eggs (with ranch spray dressing and mustard, they were good, least to me, but I am pretty sure almost any food would taste good currently :) and I had 1 1/2 eggs.
And this morning I was down .8 :) :) even better than I hoped...I was scared I wouldn't even still be at yesterday's low of 157.4 . Today I was 156.6. SO cool and worth it. It was just what I needed to stay motivated and keep going.

Otherwise, yesterday was a good day. The kids had a blast at the can drive and I used the opportunity to shop for new pants. I didn't find any I love yet. . but it was fun to try new smaller sizes (mostly 12's) and have them totally fit fine.
K, I better go clean up breakfast. I think I am off to try again at a different mall. :) and then we are going swimming at a friends house. Thank goodness, summer seems to finally ? be here? :)

Have a good one

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  1. That is so awesome, you're doing SO good - I had a similar moment yesterday where I almost gave myself permission to drive to Roth's for a carrot cake and said NO, I'll have grapes instead. They were super yummy and this morning I was down a pound. LOVE good results like that, they keep us coming back for more!! You're going to have such an awesome family week, having a 2nd round under your belt and able to eat more things. =)