Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She's worth it!

-Sometimes you've got to just take a step back and think about how you can really mix up your priorities (I am talking about myself here)
I went to the gym this morning, thinking it really has been so long and I will feel better if I just get in a short workout, but my baby girl FLIPPED out at the idea of staying with the sitter. Oh my! This really tempts me to feel annoyed. Not just that I can't work out (I am too tired anyway) but it's just frustrating to have a plan and then have a little person prevent you from following through. But then I thought, She's worth it. Ya know? Look how cute she is. She just got 2 teeth, which are really bothering her (thus the week I've had with her up at night, etc) and What is more important to me? To take good care of my babies? Or to get my 20 minutes alone to work out "my feelings" Sometimes I just have to "give up my own will".

Anyhow, I am off to do what I should be doing anyhow (now that "the cutie" is peacefully sleeping.) housework.
I was up 1.4 from my ending hcg weight today. And that is ok with me. I have been munching on "some salty snacks" OOPS! ;)

Hope you are well!
Happy Day to you~Jen


  1. So true! I think that's why blogging is so get to express these things...its an outlet. The pictures always make me realize just how precious my kids are...

  2. Ugh, I just posted a super long comment and then accidentally deleted it.:-P

    I love the pictures of your kids along the side and I'm gonna copy you, if you don't care. ;-)

    I posted about Owen today and was reminded of when you visited us in the hospital when he had RSV.

    I'm so glad we're friends and living in the same town and that we can hang out. Hopefully Martin agrees to our BBQ plans for this weekend. :-)

    Thanks for being my friend; it means the world to me!!

  3. She is so sweet - love that picture! And the above comment made me smile, I love when friends love each other :).