Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I am loving lately

1. Broccoli (with ranch dip of course :) or on salads (with pecans and dried cranberries, DELISH! :)

2. Pumpkin candles

3. Reading

4. Talking Rain

5. Organizing my grocery shopping lists BEFORE I get to the store, according to the aisles things are on (clearly I have been to Walmart WAY too often ;)

6. My husband . . my best friend. :)

7. My kiddos, even if they don't play together well very often ;)

8. The holiday season...it's coming (and peppermint mocha creamer is in my fridge for my coffee. LOVE! :)

9. That curious george episodes are now instantly on netflix (my kiddos ALL love that little guy. :)

10. Sleeping. :) (I would love to hibernate for just a month or two :)

11. Open season, hey! that movie is FUNNY! :)

12. Fridays, means the weekend is here.

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