Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it's debatable

Is that how you spell it? :) really is debatable at this point, ...whether it is worth it to leave the house, alone (i mean me alone being the only adult :)
And i know this stage won't last forever...but it's like by the time we are all finally ready to's time for baby macy to have another nap but if we are just home all day, the "big" kids are bored.
anyways...that about sums up my life currently :)
(we went to our church retreat center again today...just for "the day" we made it there by 12 to swim and made it til 3....seems ok...but it felt just so darn heck stressful and not worth it (seeing as the kids didn't really seem so happy all day! Oh well, such is the life as a mother of a few young ones, i guess.

About my weight, i was down to 161.4 this morning, so even though it's's headed back down. I am hoping to be down to 160. something by friday and stay at that while at the coast, but that will be "lucky" if it happens and I decided today..I just can't stress too much about it. This being a happy mother thing is all about balance, right?

Hope you are well

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