Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just for fun

Just for fun..I dug up pictures from all my kids at the age (or around the age anyhow) that Macy is now. :) I think Macy and Brooklyn look the most similar. It's a busy but super fun age.. Macy is almost crawling and starting to talk. She says hi and no :) and Ky ky and dada and mama. :)
Enjoy! :)
Macy Grace

Mia Claire

Kyron Jake

Brooklyn Paige

(about my weight, I have been fluctuating between 155 and 160 still. I haven't been able to exercise in recent days, it's just been too darn busy being a mom and hubby working 14 or more hour days. . .Hoping that changes soon :) But for now, I am working on being happy exactly as it is. Cuz my attitude is up to me, right? :)

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