Monday, August 22, 2011

how it happens........

The weight gain. :(
you eat too much...don't pay enough attention, Don't weigh yourself daily and wa-la! You weigh more.
Vacation, its great, but part of the fun tends to be great food.

So, this morning I was up to 162. UNACCEPTABLE!
So, I am going to be calorie counting til I am back under 160.

Anyhow, We had SUCH a great week. We went swimming, a ton. We played on the playground, hung out with friends, celebrated Mia's birthday, stayed up late, ate lots of candy :) We had a blast.

It was SO nice to spend the whole week together (well, if we weren't together (me and DH, it was cuz he was entertaining the older 3 kids.) I feel all readjusted and reconnected to the whole family. It was super nice to be less stressed and just enjoy my family, especially Macy. I realized I have been subconciously viewing her needs as one more thing to take care of, instead of enjoying her.
The kids seem so much happier since having daddy around. I LOVE it.

Anyhow, I should get back to my "stuff". I have been working on doing the laundry, the bills, etc.
I hope you are well, and in case you are wondering...I hope to update more in the future :)

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  1. I so get it. Don't let it get any higher Jen. I'm back in the 180's and they feel awful on the way up, despite how great they felt on the way down. I truly believe the key is not another diet, but viewing food in a godly manner. Not using it for other means than fuel for our bodies...if I could only live that out consistently.