Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm alive


I figured at some point someone might (?) :) wonder if I died or something and i didn't ;) so I thought I would post.

We are doing good. Just hanging out and doing our "thang". The kids are still learning to do chores, but getting pretty good at it. :) They still LOVE to swim and constantly beg to go to grandmas, especially, to swim.

I am still mostly single-parenting. . .but the good news is that today "should" be the last day hubby has to do 2 jobs. :) :) :) I will believe it when I see it. . but that's what the plan is.

And best of all, he has the entire next week off. I CAN NOT wait. We are going out to our church retreat center for the week. And since he can join us, I expect it to be a good time! ! :)

Other than that! Not much else is new. This morning I weighed in at 157.2. So I am happy with that. The last time I went running was last sunday evening. But it felt real nice so I expect that I will be doing more of that in the near future (P.S. I am not sure why I say running. I NEVER run, it is more like a slow jog! ) :) :)

Hope you are well! Happy "almost" friday!


  1. Hey Jen! I'll be seeing you soon!:) Yes I wondered if you died:) Glad to hear your hubby will be around more. You guys are such a cute little family!

  2. Hey! Glad you posted! Hope you have a great weekend!