Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good friends.....

...are the best! :)
How is your week going? Mine is all confusing, not bad, but..I feel like it is the end of the week. Like thursday or something. But, alas it is only tuesday :)
We are good though. Just hanging out, playing in the kiddie pool and at the sprinker parks around town :) Today i plan to take the kids to the library for new books and videos then to my moms to swim.
This morning I weighed 158.8 and decided that I want to get back down to 155, so i am going to work on portion sizes and healthy choices. Exercise, I have been doing a bit. I jogged a bit on thursday or maybe it was friday night and then on sunday I did some interval sprints on the treadmill. It felt good but wasn't too hard, so I know I must be in ok shape afterall. So that is nice.
Ok, I should go get kids doing chores and dressed etc . now, so have a good one

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  1. Bleh, I look puffy. ;-) Cuz I am, currently. Fluffy, not fat. :-D

    We do have cute kids, though!!