Friday, February 4, 2011

Weight loss, tax refunds and a weekend trip :)

I lost weight again! New weight, as in almost a full pound down from my very lowest weight since Macy. :) Now, I know you may be thinking one are super excited about one pound? But, it was hard earned! And it excites me cuz I haven't seen that number on the scale in almost a year now. :)
It's really interesting that I was down 2.2 since yesterday morning actually...seeing as I haven't even counted calories in the last 2 days and all last week I did count and I didn't lose. The difference? I cut out dairy and wheat and almost all sugar. VERY interesting, huh? So, that's my new plan. :) I plan to keep seeing lower numbers :) (OH and my ankle is better, so I did walk dd to school wed and we went on a bike ride/jog over to the cousins house yesterday after dinner. (meaning, the kids rode bikes and I jogged to keep up with them. It was a decent workout :)
And the bottom line is...even though I feel like I have been at it forever, I have only been actively trying to lose weight for 22 days now. And I started my ticker when I got my new really I have lost 5 pounds in 22 days. Not too shabby!

Anyhow, something else that excites me is that DH figured our taxes the other night and we are getting a REFUND! :) Yay!

Lastly, this is the most exciting....I am going away for the night. Just me and Macy :) With Ruth Anne....and Josh :) I can't wait. We are going up to Seattle for a wedding. I wish DH could attend, but he felt the kids need him to stay with them and I couldn't agree more. They have missed him, as he has been very busy with work. I am excited to have a night "off" and enjoy the company of very good friends :)

Happy friday!