Friday, February 25, 2011

Embrace it and Just do it

These are two things I have been thinking of lately...The first is to follow up my latest post about acceptance. Acceptance, in my opinion is the first step, but the second is embracing...That is what I am learning, not only to accept what my life is right now. That in itself is huge, but then to take a step farther forward and embrace it. Love it. Why do I let the way "I am" naturally or what I "like" to do naturally...get in the way of just accepting what my life is NOW and embracing it. My kids are actually pretty darn cute and do and say pretty darn cute things too and they have little "important" needs that I so easily ignore cuz of my "to do list" be that something I want or something else I "think" is important besides my kids. (one of these "important" needs was my 6 year old sharing that it was cuz of the dumb little germs that kept her home all week that she missed being the door holder as her "job" at school...apparently this is the "best" job of them all :( I felt bad that it took her all day to admit that to me, as in at bedtime, cuz I was busy doing my own thing all afternoon, for selfish reasons, not good ones :( But I can change and this I will do.
The second thought- Just do one I am applying to housework. Now, there are some days and some times that the kids need attention or something else actually does need my attention so I don't have time for my housework. But, there are other times I just don't "feel" like doing the dishes one more time or the laundry or whatever. And I DO know the difference. :) In the case of the latter, I am finding that it really helps to just apply the saying "Just do it." It always feels better to be productive. So I have been working with that, just plunging in and getting the job done, rather than procrastinating and thinking about how I wish I didn't have to do it or I am tired or whatever! Seriously! And eating a good snack certainly doesn't help me "feel" like doing it either. I just need to "Just do it" and with that said. I need to just finish cleaning up a few things and get to bed. DH is fundraising til real late, so it will be my turn to get up at sunrise with the kids :)
On a happy note, Baby Macy has had 2 nights of sleeping all night long. HOORAY Baby Mace :)


  1. The just do it part was good for me to read - it's interesting to me how we put so much stock in how we FEEL, you know? As if we're always going to feel like cleaning up, or FEEL like not eating that chocolate, or FEEL like giving ourselves for the others, whether it be our husband, children, family, church, whatever.

    I've been thinking lately about living to God's honor and praise. Like the song on BMM that is sung by Buddy, Elmina's brother. It's been so good for me to just kind of theoretically speaking, stand tall, shoulders back, chin up, and say to the principalities of the air: I *AM* going to live according to God's honor and praise in my life, and that means not being lazy or shirking my jobs that God has given me.

    Anyway, I'm really glad she is starting to sleep a little does get better, just feels like it takes forever. =)

  2. Loved your last two posts. Really, really loved them. =)

    I agree 100% and I am so glad for the time we get to hang out, and that we're both working on having a happy home and being a blessing for our families.

    You're a wonderful, cherished, huge part of my life. I love you and I'm thankful for you.

  3. I am so with you on both points. I have also been working along the same lines of "Just do it" but my saying is more old fashioned. "Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today". Sounds simple, but if I take it to heart it makes life so much better!! And I loved the distinguishing between accepting life and embracing it. Definitely gave me food for thought!