Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not giving up

Sometimes when you aren't making progress or even taking a few steps backward (having an "off day" (or week :) you feel like saying "forget it"! It's too hard to lose weight, ya know?
BUT, actually all the times I make good decisions do slowly but surely add up to a pound lost. Even a part of a pound lost counts :)
Anyhow, I am exhausted so I am not sure yet if this post makes sense... :) But, my point is...I am not giving up. . even though I set back my ticker and I have only lost 2.2 pounds since I started "trying" to lose weight...That's ok. If I hadn't have tried I would still weigh 2.2 pounds more.
SO, I plan to try harder from here on out...and stay positive!
It's almost friday. :)

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  1. ugh...I lost my comment..and now I'm too lazy to type it up.
    Maybe later:)