Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Please fix my baby!

...............That's what I begged the pediatrician today. And he did. :) I haven't talked about it much on here. . I guess cuz I try to be positive, but my baby...She has been pretty sad lately and it has been getting harder and harder to keep her happy.
I just haven't been able to figure out how to help her. She has been awake lots in the night and not napping well, but not feeding well either. My latest theory was she was not getting enough to eat, so I have been supplementing, but still she isn't the same baby she had been. Anyhow, so at her 4 month check up today, I begged the doc. ;) and he amazingly figured it out. She has thrush, big sores in her mouth. She has had it before, but always in the front, so I could see the sores on her tongue. But this time they are in the back and on the cheeks. . and they are BIG. My poor baby, it must hurt so bad, no wonder she didn't want to suck for 30 minutes to fill her tummy. anyhow! Having an answer makes me so happy. Cuz when baby ain't happy, mommy ain't happy and then nobody is happy. :)

What else is new? Oh yeah, the van battery died so when I went to get DD from school I was late, but Ruth Anne was quick to rescue me cuz she thankfully was at the kids club with me :) Which was so super nice to see her.

I am super duper tired, so I have nothing exciting to say, so I best go to bed now.

Hope you are well.

P.S. I have no idea why, but I am not losing weight for some reason. Even though I have been eating really well....? I was actually up again this morning, for no reason. GRRR!
Oh well, there are too many other things to worry about currently ;)


  1. Poor Macy Gracie!!!! I'd be miserable with sores in my mouth too. Maybe that's what I need to get to my goal weight!

  2. It's a good thing those jumper cables had the directions written on them. :-D

    I love talking to you, and I'm so glad we can use the kids club for a place to be able to chat while the kids burn off steam. SCORE!

    I hope Macy starts feeling better real quick, and nursing better, too! Can't wait for this weekend!