Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been thinking lately, acceptance is really the key to happiness.
I have been really working on just accepting the way things are right now, and it does bring a peace to my life.
Accept the fact, my baby (s) :) don't sleep well right now=I feel much less energetic and patient. Accept it! I can't change it. Lower expectations of myself and said baby (s) :) Life is way easier to bear and I feel happier cuz of it.
Accept my weight. When I obsess about it, I have SUCH a hard time being nice and feeling happy. And my milk starts to dry up. Accept= maybe right now isn't the right time to prioritize that.
Accept the fact that my kids seem to Always be sick lately=GRUMPY babies. Acceptance=not expecting much cooperation from them.
Accept the fact that I like to be out and about but my life lately is much easier to live when mostly just at home. Acceptance=realizing that's the phase of life I am in right now.
Acceptance-it really is key!
I think :)