Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking a moment

Just taking a moment to say hi. Hard to believe it is only 8 pm and quiet round here. Maybe a first since baby Mace (Ky calls her that :) Anyhow, getting ready to start a movie with DH :) Looking forward to it.
Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend :)


  1. Hiya! I've been thinking about you! I just read your post on was good to read this morning. I've been trying to keep on keeping on with the whole weight loss thing and losing steam so fast. It's frustrating -I think I'm kind of burned out, yet I know I still have *some* fat to lose because I can grab it with my hand, lol!

    I've been getting super frustrated with myself about it. And skipping my hour long workouts...blah. But today I decided to really work on being thankful for where I am at, thankful for all the hard work I put in the last year and where it has (verrrrry slowly) gotten me. And wittle down my workout a bit so it's not so long and overwhelming.

    Then just realize that if I am consistent with calories each day, it will slowly but SURELY come off. And yes, it's OK to have an off day or week! I think I've had an 2 months. Rrrrr!

    However....I'm glad for friends who are in the same struggle - I'm looking forward to this summer for you, just thinking about how Macy will be older and you won't be super pregnant like you were last year. It's going to be a good one! =)

  2. Hey Jen!

    Love ya tons!! Just thought I'd say hi, thinking of you! We need to chat soon, maybe tomorrow! Busy today.. having some young moms over;) Hope you have an awesome day girl.