Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey there,

How is everyone? We are doing well. Everyone seems to be getting over their horrible glad...and macy's half way through her antibiotic drop treatment for an ear infection. Thank goodness February is almost over. . .doc says this is the worst month for viruses.

Today we went to see my mom before running errands and Surprise! the kiddos were still home..mia was delighted to have uncle Karl all to herself to play memory and then bb. (I guess they had late start due to "icy" weather. :) Hilarious...but I guess Up in the hills out there maybe it's icy?
Anyhow, so we did our our errands run and then came home and I battled ky into bed, he has been having a super hard time lately, but he gets up too early and I know he's overtired, so He actually slept for and hour and a half..I'm so so glad.
Also, we have mia's little friend eiley here, so her parents could both go to fundraising...Mia was so happy..(what a fun day for her, huh? :)
I guess she deserves it since her surgery is coming up on thursday.

Well, enough randomness for ya...I guess i should go switch laundry and get ready to get Brooklyn.
have a wonderful day!

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  1. So, so fun to see the updates:) Miss you guys and thanks for posting! We'll have to chat again soon. Love to all! Gretchen