Saturday, February 4, 2012


So today we decided to pack up and head out to the aquatic center that's 20 minutes from here. So we got all dressed, cleaned up, packed up suits and food etc. and headed out....only thing we forgot's not always open swim. The kiddos were pretty disappointed but we made the best of it! ;) We ended up playing at the skate park next door. Well, it's not really a skate park. . just a bunch of ramps and DH in his great wisdom ;)had thrown in the kids scooters and his roller blades (secretly I think he wanted to go to that pool so he could play there, but that's beside the point :)

Anyhow, it is a beautiful sunny day was a reminder of good days to come (and ones gone by) I started getting so excited for summer. It does the soul some good to see some sun! So, we played a while and then headed to costco to further make the kids day! :) They hate grocery shopping, but anyways :) (that is also, beside the point! )

Now Martin is off at the Rose garden and we are just hanging out, watching some quality tv etc. :)(hello kitty) I think we'll play outside some more and do some play-doh and then have a movie night. Good times!
Have a great evening.

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