Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is time

Hey there,

I figured it's been long enough, perhaps I should update! :)
Here's the thing, Nothing really so new to say! ;)
still the same ole' I drag myself out to my big comfy chair in the living room each morning at about 7am...depending on how much squabbling is going on over which show to watch on netflix...sometimes it is a bit earlier or a bit later. I drink myself into a caffeine high ;) and proceed to get kids breakfast and dressed for the day...then we drop kiddos off at school, then usually run an errand or two or visit a day last week we actually tried out a gym and I actually did cardio for a whole 20 minutes...I know! shocker! :)
At 11;45 we pick up ky from kindergarten and go home and get lunch. I then spend a bit of time debating over whether to do some housework or leave it all for later and relax a bit when the kids have a quiet time...I usually am an idiot and choose leaving it for later...however today i didn't do that and feel much better about myself and my day. (note to self, leaving it for later doesn't actually help me be more motivated at all) anyhow, then around 330 we pick up brooklyn and head home to have a snack, they usually play outside a bit then we do some homework, get dinner etc. Then do bedtime, chores etc.
So,that's my life in a nutshell! :) I know, super exciting!
There were some variations from this in the past week. lets see..on monday we signed papers, refinancing our house which is pretty cool cuz we now pay $150 less a month for our mortgage. Then we went out for our valentines dinner at the olive garden. It was nice (we celebrated together a day early) Cuz on valentines day we took the kiddos to a family party at a friends house. That was wild, with a ton of sugar involved (The kiddos were trippin! ;) but it was fun!
Then last night I went out and cleaned at the church property and then went over to a friends house for a glass of wine, so that was nice.
This weekend I get to go to the youth retreat with dh, so that's gonna be fun!
Anyhow, that's what's up over here.
P.s. yes, I know this has been one long run on sentence, so if you got through it, congrats and thanks for reading, hope you are well.

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