Friday, March 18, 2011

What I am excited about play dates. When my kids were younger, it didn't make much sense to invite more littles over most days and I always felt bad to send them to someone elses house unless I was there to help supervise, but then I come 3 more kids in tow (besides said child) having the play date.

Anyhow, lately my kids have been having play dates a bit and it is SO cool for me too :) cuz that child is SO excited and has such a good time playing with their friend...I mean they have built in best friends, but ya know how it is...they don't always love their best friends (sisters and brother :)

Other than that....what else is new? Hmm...well, the kids are all done with their antibiotics (for now ;) Macy has slept through the entire night for 3 nights! :) :) :)
It is friday and I am SUPER excited about it :) I am pretty sure I have DH convinced that I will be going to youth group tonight and then tomorrow we are taking the kids swimming in the morning. They are over the top, completely thrilled. You would think we were taking them to disneyland or something. They have been talking about it for days :) they LOVE swimming. Anyhow, then Brooklyn has a birthday party tomorrow pm and we are having a date night tomorrow night! YES! ;) and sunday I may be going to the movies with a friend...
Anyhow, I should go for now. The child who is currently home is asking for lunch ;)

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

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  1. Are you going to the Kroc center?

    Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend. =)