Monday, March 28, 2011

Confessions of a busy mom, part 1

-Yesterday I bought 2 books at Costco only because I didn't have 15 extra min. to stop in at the library :)

-I decided I LOVE taking walks with my kids, took 2 already today and plan to take as many as possible, especially as the weather gets nicer.

-If you just wear a hat, hood or headband, no one can tell if you showered or not... no I don't think I stink yet??? ;-)

-My kids never eat breakfast at the kitchen table, unless their dad is home too :)

-Sometimes they don't eat lunch at the table either ;)

-An added blessing of being so busy, I rarely have time to weigh myself anymore, thus less obsessing about it ;) Which is a good thing as long as I mostly stick to what I should be eating (veg, fruit and lean proteins) (let's not talk about what I ate last weekend, ok? :)

-Even though I am totally a social butterfly, I mostly prefer to stay home.


  1. Ha ha yes...welcome to the world of 4+ children:) It does get better though...once the baby is a bit bigger.

  2. That was fun to read! =) Even though I already loved to stay home, once I got multiple children it finally occured to me that when I *do* stay home most of the week, the household flows so much better!

    It's very weird to be in a different place now, weight-wise. It seems like you & me are always flip-flopping positions. Are we ever pregnant together?? ROFL! I guess not, except for Marie and Ky.

  3. It sounds like a peaceful place to be in weight wise!!!!

  4. What books did you buy? I might need to read them when you're done. ;-)