Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hi Y'all!

So, a followup, real quick, after my last post.
Thank God antibiotics! :)
All 4, yes, all 4 of my precious kiddos are on them and they work wonders :)
Everyone is feeling better and hopefully one day in the next year :) everyone will start sleeping better (Macy really likes to be up in the night, but it's ok, i still love her, good thing she is so cute :)

For now, I am making good use of a large pack of paper plates :) half of us are still wearing jammies and we mostly stay home :) And it's ok. This is just a stage in life and I am sure one day will be different :)

Ok, I seriously apologize for having nothing more exciting to say, but I gotta go get DD from kindergarten.

Oh, I do get to go to a woman's retreat for the weekend and DH will have all 3 older kids (Older, who am I kidding, they are only toddlers still ;)

Have a GREAT day, it's almost friday!


  1. yes 5 of mine are on the meds too! there are some crazy bugs going round:) I'm not sure if I will make it this weekend though,,,,it looked like my kids were getting better then this morning the littlest woke up with a temp of 102.5!!!

  2. So nice that you can get away. I'm glad everyone is feeling better - you guys have really been bombarded. You sound like you are in a peaceful stage of acceptance. As I parent my dating daughter, who is making University decisions, I wish I was staying in pj's all day. I'm sad at how fast the years have gone...very sad. I need to learn from you and listen to my own advice, and accept the stage my life is at.

  3. can't wait til this weekend!!!

  4. Love ya sis! Hope you had a good weekend and all the kids are doing well!!! We had an awesome day yesterday together watching the transmissions and food:) Hugs!

  5. I read this blog and like it, and this post was particularly good for me, and I think you'll like it too. =)